Lilith grinned, scooting closer so that she could sit beside Crowley in the booth. “Cutesy non violent things? That is going to be difficult. One of those things happens to come naturally.” Her foot brushed his, inciting a game of footsie.

"So we flaunt our coupleness. Does that mean that we snug and kiss in the line of sight of others? Maybe even sigh and coo, talking about how in love we are?"

"Exactly. Anything that would annoy people who aren’t coupled off or… voyeuristic….” Crowley crossed his foot over Lilith’s, twining their ankles. Extreme ankle sex. NSFW debauchery befitting the King and Queen of Hell.

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A barely audible 'mn…' escaped Anna’s lips. The attention her neck was getting combined with the whispers was an obvious turn on. Of course she tried not to make it so noticeable but anything involving someone touching her neck anywhere was difficult to smother. 

The fear in Crowley’s eyes when he chanced a look strangely enough made her heart melt. With a gracious smile she kissed his forehead then took the back of his head gently in her hands, pulling him down to her level where his head could rest on her shoulder.

"I think that’s a good first step. Let’s not over do it." Anna slowly began to rock back and forth to the music as she hummed along pulling Crowley with her.

"Oh, thank god.” Crowley decompressed, his terror alert level dropping rapidly as he hid from the beauty of the moment, his face buried away in Anna’s neck. “Feelings. Reality. Not my brand. But I’m gonna buy you… so many balloons.”



Considering how pissed Crowley sounds when he says he wants the Winchesters to empty the colt into Lucifer’s face, I have the theory that he is still bitter over Lilith’s death. Yes, he wants power. But it is something else as well.


No one can tell me otherwise.


(I forgot, my version of Crowley calls Lucifer “The Great Pumpkin” because he was one of the demons who thought Azazel was nuts for searching for him.)

Who needs a witch? Well, as it turns out…


"Oh, thanks…" Wait… is that? Sam was a foot away just really fast, book shut up because, yeah. World’s tiniest Bond villain. Sigh. WHY was it always Sam?, “Crowley?”


Crowley was all confused, suddenly self-conscious. ”Yeah. Crowley. Don’t hurt yourself conjugating, Moose — leave abstract thought to the people who don’t need snaps on their shirts.” Yeah, what’s Sam’s problem? ‘Cause he and Crowley hang out all the time, it’s no big whoop. “So… what are we doing?”


Supernatural Meme: Two Demons [1/2]

↳ King of Hell Crowley

“You’re good but I am Crowley”


Dean and Crowley’s game faces playing Foosball together.

-What can I get you fellas?

-Coffee. Black.

Nice to the Waiter

aarondtechguy asked: ((Our other threads sort of ended at a good place. So, if it is okay. Here is another thingy thing.)) Aaron panted, sitting back on his heels. He'd been trying to break this granite devil's trap for the past hour. He wanted to get his Crowley out. "-A-any other ideas?"



((Sounds good!))

"You might come at it with something tougher than car keys, love-. Not to cramp your style, you’ve got a nice scratch in the works. But I want you to think more ‘shovels and pickaxes,’ less ‘stuff from your pockets’."

"Yeah, well I’m trying!" Aaron grumbled. standing.
"Would a chainsaw work? Because I can go find one!" Don’t panic. Don’t pannnic!
He leaned over the trap and kissed Crowley’s lips softly. “Look. I’m gonna get you out. Just…hold on.”

Crowley returned the kiss, but was fighting to stop the laugh that was bubbling up. He smiled fondly at Aaron. “Darling, you do realize you can walk over the trap without getting stuck? You’re not a devil by association, no matter what it says on my taxes. Now go, and no chainsaws. You plus big-boy tools equals the elevator scene from The Shining.”


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Wounds Reaction Meme



Spike’s mouth dropped open at the sudden tear of the bandage, and his eyes flashed.  He moved his knee pressing it into Crowley’s inner thigh and put his weight behind it, “I keep whut’s mine, don’t fancy anyone trying to take it away.

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She’s enjoying the spoiling and the delving into date things. Crowley allowing her to see this fluffy side of him made her smile. “And what do date things entail? Aside from holding hands and snugging my devil?” She looked about, as though seeking out any other women with their devils. “None are as good looking as us.”

"There you go. Wallowing in your own attractive couple-ness is among my favorite date things." Crowley ordered a couple of root beer floats from the gray looking guy at the window of the concessions building. "Other date things include flaunting exclusivity by ignoring others, doing things singles can’t do, annoying people with public displays of cuteness and bonding in non-violent ways."

The concessions guy brought the floats, casually eavesdropping on their conversation. ”You miss the non-violent stuff when you’re married,” the guy said.

"It is the little things, isn’t it?” Crowley said.

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